Data Center

What is a “data center”?

Data centers range in size from small IT closets to very large facilities where IT equipment is housed. Essentially a data center is the place where all your IT systems and critical data are located.

Why would I want my equipment offsite?

So you don’t have to hear it! (Just kidding.) There are many reasons that make offsite equipment a good idea. Chiefly among them is to have your equipment in a secure location where it can be professionally managed by data center specialists for maximum uptime.

How can Brush Mountain help me during and after a disaster?

Because of its redundant power, HVAC and internet connections, the Brush Mountain Data Center has yet to have been out of commission. Having your systems in the Brush Mountain Data Center enables you to quickly re-establish your operations, even as your employees may be working from remote or temporary locations.

How does offsite backup work?

Offsite backup, in its simplest form, is duplicating your onsite backup at another location for greater redundancy and security.

What does offsite backup do for my business?

Offsite backup provides another layer of protection for securing critical organizational data.

How do you help organizations be more efficient and save money?

Quite simply, we have skilled people spreading expense over a larger environment. This leads to economies of scale that benefit our clients with better utilization of resources and a deep bench of talent and expertise.

What keeps the Brush Mountain Data Center running?

In addition to our professional services, the facility is supported by fully redundant cooling and power facilities along with multiple channels for internet connectivity. (Then there’s also our steady supply of Red Bull & M&Ms…)

Aren’t data centers and private clouds only for big companies?

Absolutely not! This is a common misconception, but “cloud” based technology is everywhere, and for a reason. It offers flexibility, scalability and efficiency with greater redundancy for organizations of all sizes.

Isn’t it more expensive to have my systems hosted & managed by an outside firm?

Not necessarily. What we often see is that the complexity of IT deployed in most organizations exceeds their ability to adequately staff and sustain the support the skill sets required. Oftentimes day to day operations issues end up sabotaging the planned focus on more strategic tasks. With BMDC, your staff can focus on strategic projects where they bring the most value to your organization, and we can manage the tactical issues at a much more efficient price point.

Can I just buy disk space and processing power?

Yes! Please contact us for pricing and information.

Can we start small - say with a specific server or function?

Yes! Many of our clients have started out with single devices in the data center and often scale up as they see the benefits.