The Value of Co-location for Business Continuity


As COVID-19 changes how we do business now and in the future; co-location of IT equipment to a data center is proving to be more valuable than ever.

Co-location is a service where organizations take their existing onsite servers and move them into a data center that offers an environment optimized for technology. In fact data centers are the same facilities that house equipment that make “cloud” computing possible. A data center offers physical security, cooling and backup power generation along with a host of other resources that can be too expensive for one organization to afford on their own.

In a time when many organizations need to keep employees safe by having them work from home, support and care of on-site IT servers can pose technical and personnel challenges. IT infrastructure is the backbone of almost every organization working hard to keep people safe while also keeping them employed and the business running.

Co-location provides the safest possible environment for the servers that run a business. Data centers have redundant connectivity to ensure not only high capacity bandwidth to the internet but higher degrees of reliability. Co-location is also a great intermediate step for organizations on their way to becoming fully cloud-based where they get maximum redundancy while eliminating capital expenditures.

Making the Shift to Co-location

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for connectivity to high speed internet at a time when computing loads where shifting substantially under circumstances where downtime was not an option.

The need for reliable systems to power business continuity has never been more vital with stay at home orders and a work happening in such a distributed environment. Man-made and natural disasters, from cyber security threats to tornadoes and hurricanes, won’t stop in the face of a global pandemic. Ensuring that critical data and application access continues is vital for your business.

A move to co-location provides the best environment and resources to power that the systems that drive your operations.

Moving Forward

Businesses are going to be assessing the lessons of COVID-19 and adapting. Several assumptions have been shattered as a result: not only that many functions can be done with a remote workforce, but also the vulnerability of IT systems kept in-house. on must ensure that disruptions are minimized or eliminated and there are proven plans in place to minimize IT personnel exposure. By making a transition from your on-premise IT infrastructure to Brush Mountain Data Center, you have access to remote hands.

This also gives you on-site operational support to handle any server maintenance, virtualization or expansion needs, and troubleshooting of critical data center equipment. By removing the need to have your personnel physically working on-premise, or coming to BMDC facilities by leveraging these services, you can keep people safe and maintain control of mission-critical infrastructure.

Colocation is proving to be more valuable than ever, and by leveraging BMDC, your business can plan for safety while planning for the future.

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