Power Your Growth with Data Center & Cloud Services

It’s unusual to find a cloud computing center in an office park. Yet, we’ve been innovating and growing our Brush Mountain Data Center.  Brush Mountain Data Center (BMDC) has its primary location on the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center campus where it   provides cloud computing, cloud data backup services and server rack rental (co-location).

While some organizations have quickly adopted cloud computing and data center services, many others can and should,  once they understand what is possible.  In the past, data centers and cloud computing was the domain of very large organizations with lots of resources.  Now, data centers like Brush Mountain are bringing the benefits to organizations of all sizes.  Small and resource constrained organizations, hyper-growth mode organizations, these are all great candidates for data center services.  After all, the name of the game is cost effective agility.

Embracing data center services enables scalable access to computing and data storage resources, without the cost of hardware, software, staffing or up to date expertise.  

How?  Here are some of the common business drivers our clients are seeing:

Local Connection to Many Clouds 

BMDC is itself connected to several of the market leading cloud service companies. This enables us to move and scale computing resources as needed. It also enables us to accommodate certification requirements.

A Better Environment for Computing

BMDC provides a secure facility optimized for IT equipment. It has redundant power, internet and cloud service connections. If one service goes offline, services are not interrupted as they would be in an office suite. You get all the benefits of a data center, but at a fractional cost.

Flexible Resources to Help You Grow 

Most organizations are looking to grow.  For some it is top-line growth, others bottom line growth. Both benefit from innovation and flexibility made possible by cloud services. Computing and storage are needed to power that growth. BMDC can provide the compute and storage you need via a scalable model. Another bonus: these services bill monthly as an expense, freeing up working capital.

Focus on Growth – Not Complexity

BMDC services ensure that IT uptime and reliability are the last thing you have to worry about.

We Make It Easy

We can extend existing IT, connecting cloud-based functions into your on-premise systems. Or, for those not wanting any overhead, we can provide full-service compute, data protection and services. Perfect for remotes and startups who need IT but less overhead.

  • FlxCloud Infrastructure as a Service provides fast, reliable computing power that can scale to meet your growth.
  • FlxStore Backup as a Service protects your valuable data.
  • FlxPro Managed IT Services are available to fill gaps in your IT support needs.
  • FlxTalk services will provide reliable cloud-based managed phone services.

Want to learn more? The next step is easy. Let’s have a conversation about your particular needs. The information is free, and we have conversations that can range from non-technical business objectives to technical conversations.